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Furious 7 Storyline

Fast and furios 7 is one of the most attractive film series. Whole furious 7  is based on simple storyline. As Dom and his crew is in thought that they are free from the criminal mercenary life. Dom and his whole crew defeated international terrorist, Mr. Owen Shaw. All of them went on their separate ways. then it came to know that Owen brother, Deckard Shaw start killing the Dom team one by one for taking revenge of his brother.

Then two more characters are added in the series; Somalian terrorist as a Jakarde and shady government official named as ‘Mr. nobody’. Both of them are trying to steal a computer terrrorism program; “God Eye”. God Eye can turn any any technical device into a weapon easily. Dom with his crew/team retrieved the God Eye program by stopping Deckard Shaw. Meanwhile they caught in powerfull struggle of the Somalian terrorist and the United State government war.

Fast and Furious 7 Cast

fast and furious 7

Kurt Russell as Mr. Nobody

fast and furious 7

Scott Eastwood

fast and furious 7

Nathalie Emmanuel as Ramsey

Fast and Furious 7

Lucas Black as Sean Boswell

fast and furious 7

Chris Ludacris

fast and furious 7

Michelle Rodriguez as Letty ‘Ortiz’ Toretto

fast and furious 7

Dwayne Johnson as Hobbs

fast and furious 7

Tyrese Gibson as Roman Pearce

fast and furious 7

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto

fast and furious 7

Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw

fast and furious 7

Jordana Brewster as Mia

Fast 7 Details

Fast and Furious 7 rating  is 7.2 out of 10. Movie genre is action, thriller and adventure. Web related Sites: Fans Facebook | Official Facebook | Fans Website

Film production company is in United States and Japan.  While main filming locations are

Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Bloor St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Woodland Park, Colorado, USAAtlanta, Georgia, USA

Film official Language is  English but film is translated in many languages all around the globe.

Fast and furious 7 release date is 3 April 2015 (USA Time)

Fast and Furios is Also Known As with these names

Official name of movie series is common known as Fast and furious 7. But people living in the United States mostly write it or read it in different ways. If you are bored to read then you can skip this coming paragraph.

Special Names of this series; Fast & Furious 7, fast 7, fast furious 7 , fast & furious 7, furious seven, fast n furious 7, furious 7 movie, fast & furious, fast and furious 7 movie, fast and furious 7 film, fast & furious 7 dvd, fast seven , fast 7 movie, fast and furious seven, movie fast and furious 7, the fast and furious 7, movie furious 7, fast and furious 7 2015, furious 7 film, fast of furious 7, furious seven movie, fast furious 7 film, fast the furious 7, fast&furious7, furious 7 2015, film fast and furious 7,  first and furious 7, fast to furious 7, fast to furious 7, film furious 7 , fast and furious 7 video, furious seven 2015,  movie fast 7, fast furious seven, fast seven movie, fast and 7, fast and furious part 7, 7 fast and furious, fast n the furious 7, fast and furious 2015, f and f 7, fast of the furious 7, f7 movie, movie fast & furious 7, full fast and furious 7, fast and furious seven movie, fast and furious film series, move fast and furious 7, movie furious seven, fast & the furious 7 etc.

You as a reader will agree, some names are totally out of range or context. But according to searches, these are fact names of fast and furious 7. Most likely you will be also in this list. 😀

Where can i buy fast and furious

fast and furious movie 7 is released since 3 April, 2015. Full movie of fast and furious 7 can be bought in the form of dvd. If you are not so lucky to purchase it in market, you can also ask for friend. If not successful till now, you can watch fast and furious 7 online by making tough search on google. But we have also arranged full movie fast and furious 7 in HD blue ray print here. 

Watch fast and furious seven full movie

fast and furious 7 full movie free will be updated soon.

Fast 7 Box Office

Estimated budget for fast seven full movie is almost $190,000,000.

Opening Weekend fast and furious 7 on sale earning is about $147,187,040 made in USA till 5 April 2015. 4,004 Screens were made in USA till 5 April.  Gross of latest fast and furious till 5 June 2015 is $350,034,110 in USA.

Technical Specs of Furious 7

Production Company credits for fast & furious 7 movie includes Universal Pictures, Media Rights Capital (MRC), China Film Co. and other helping mediums. While Dolby Digital and Datasat were sound mix Co. Runtime of the fast & furious 7 is 137 minutes. Aspect ratio is 2.35 and 1.

Furious 7 Best Quotes
Letty Ever memorable saying! ” What are we here for? ”
Dom said, “That. Race Wars.”
Letty replied, “We used to come here?” Then Dom, “Come here? We invented it.”

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