Fast and furious Pace first week of Donald Trump

Fast and Furious Pace is synchronizing with the Donald Trump pace

The President Trump is moving at a fast and furious pace. He is overwhelming Washington with a series of provocative executive orders that aim to fulfill his campaign promises. – Source CNN

The editor  Julian Zelizer  wrote this statement in a mimicry way and related it with the fast and furious films series. Sine opinions are expressed in his own way in the CNN commentary; for more details visit the CNN edition 28 Jnuary,2017.  For brief description Julian is a professor of history and public affairs at the Princeton University and co-host at podacst at Politics & Polls. He  has been also the author of Jimmy Carter and The Fierce Urgency of Now: Lyndon Johnson, Congress, and the Battle for the Great Society.
Fast and furious pace

Donald Trump is at fast and furious pace

Whatever the Julian commented in his edition, it is 101% is related to the fast and furious movie background scenes. There is a thrilled scene touch and action films feelings with illegal fiction crime regarding mexico state. The Key features of the Furious movie is also all about its crime fiction, thriller action and adventure background. Same is happening here politically in the case of the Donald Trump.

Why Fast and Furious pace is Politically related

Border Closing: Trump explosive executive order regarding refugees for closing borders for 120 days and 90 days (Citizens of seven Muslim countries).

Mexico Border Wall: ordered to build the famous border wall for Mexico border and recruitment of 5,000 border agents.

Deportation of Convicted persons: deportation of persons convicted or charged with the crime or persons who posed the risk to the public safety or the national security.

Environmental Reviews for American Manufacturers: A major review of all regulations on American manufacturers especially on key infrastructure projects.

All these major points are leading with the big steps for the United State political history. There is no joke if you are still doubting the president Donald Trump steps. Predictions about President is going almost the same way in very first seven days of discussions.  The refugees ban has awakened people in the United State and around the whole globe.

For full details of news you can visit CNN

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